Sperm Meets Egg – Why Doesn’t It Work Every Time?

Sperm Meets Egg – Why Doesn’t It Work Every Time?

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Tweet Why me? My wife never had an infection, surgery or any other problem? I have no difficulty ejaculating and there’s plenty to work with so why can my friends, neighbors and coworkers get pregnant and we can’t? I hear these questions daily and appreciate the frustrations, anger and stress felt by my patients expressing […]

Is This Stress Making Me Look Fat?

Is This Stress Making Me Look Fat?

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Tweet I’m racing a 40 foot sailboat in 25 to 30 NNW winds yesterday out of Manhasset Bay. Gear was breaking, sails ripping, we broached twice….nearly did a “death roll” (when the boat gets knocked down and the tip of the mast nearly hits the water). A competitor had a man overboard; the USCG and […]

Tips for Reducing Infertility Stress

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Tweet These tips I recently read on a post by Melissa Brisman (source: theadventurouswriter.com) are for reducing infertility stress and will help if you’re trying to get pregnant and are coping with constant disappointment! You’re probably getting a little stressed out – and that definitely won’t help you conceive. These stress relief tips may increase […]

Fertility and the MIND & BODY connection

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Tweet by: Bina Benisch, M.S., R.N. At East Coast Fertility, we understand the emotional aspect that accompanies infertility, and we believe it is equally important to support our patients emotionally as well as physically. It is important to understand fertility holistically. In addition to treating the various physical etiologies of infertility, we must take into […]